Development Commissioner Handlooms


  • The vision of Government for handloom sector is to develop a strong, competitive and vibrant handloom sector to provide sustainable employment to the handloom weavers particularly belonging to disadvantaged section of the Indian society and to ensure inclusive growth of the sector.


  • To adopt focused, flexible and holistic approach plan to meet the challenges of domestic and global market, expansion of overall market through competitive pricing to increase domestic and international market share, brand building in global and domestic market, facilitation of marketing of handloom products, empowerment of weaver's by organizing them under self-help groups, training, capacity building and enhanced entrepreneurial support, infusion of new and contemporary designs through design intervention as well as product diversification, R&D support, easy access to raw material at subsidized prices, enhancing capabilities including social security, better healthcare, life insurance, , work sheds and most significantly by ensuring easy credit flow at low interest rate.
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  • The office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms has no direct dealing/interactions with the general public. However, this office has been implementing various schemes and programmes for overall development of the handloom sector and welfare of the handloom weavers through and in consultation with the State Directorates of Handlooms and Textiles, Weavers' Service Centre, Handloom Export Promotion Council, National Handloom Development Corporation and other eligible handloom agencies. The Office of the Development Commissioner (DC) Handlooms provides financial assistance to the above mentioned State Directorates of Handloom and organisations for implementation of various schemes and programmes.
  • There are 29 Weavers' Service Centre (WSCs) and 06 Indian Institutes of Handloom Technology (IIHTs) and one office of the Chief Enforcement Officer (CEO) with two Regional Enforcement Offices (REOs) functioning under the administrative control of Office of the D.C. Handlooms. The WSCs provide technical support to the handloom industry. The IIHTs provide technically qualified personnel to the handloom industry.
  • At present, the Office of the D. C. Handlooms has been implementing the following schemes and programmes for the development of the handloom sector and welfare of the handloom weavers: -
  • (i) National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP).
  • (ii) Raw Material Supply Scheme
  • (iii) Scheme for Protection of the Handlooms and Implementation of the Handlooms (Reservation of Articles for Production) Act, 1985